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Fallout 4

OK so here is my review of the game Fallout 4, well I say it's a review it's more of a glowing fanboy love in, where I extol my undying love for it!! 

I do like gaming and have played games consoles ever since they first appeared, I used to play a fair assortment of games but in recent years I have become very exclusive with my gaming time. I suppose it started when I bought my 1st Fallout game, I played it to death. I only started playing them when Bethesda games took over the franchise with Fallout 3 in 2008 and I was immediately hooked. They also licensed Obsidian games to create Fallout New Vegas and that was pretty decent although I found some of the new mechanics to be less interesting than 3. I preferred the way the Fallout 3 skill books worked and I wasn't bothered at all with all the gun additions and bullet types of New Vegas either. Not to say it was a bad game at all, it had a great story, cool & crazy characters and interesting locations to explore. However I have never been able to play the Ultimate version of New Vegas with the Down-Loadable Content as I have the PS3 and it was badly glitched with the DLC and the frame rate made it totally unplayable. It's a shame, the Fallout games have had more than a few problems on initial launch quite often which are normally resolved by patches but no patch was available for the New Vegas DLC it was just too much for the machine. After playing nothing much really other than Fallout 3 and New Vegas for ages I moved on to Bethesda's other big franchise, The Elder Scrolls, with game V in the series Skyrim. I played that one to death, the only time I got off it, playing it both on Xbox 360 at my partners and PS3 at my own place, was when I finally got Fallout 4 for Christmas 2015. As the number suggests this is the 4th major installment in the Fallout franchise but there have also been other non-numbered games like Fallout New Vegas and Brotherhood of Steel. I have played it pretty much exclusively ever since. Once again I have it on both Xbox One & PS4 and have spent so much time playing it. I spent over a month of playing time on the Xbox alone in the 1st year of owning it and at least a few weeks more on the PS4.

The real longevity of the game is down to the settlement building mode that came in with Fallout 4. I have spent hours building up my defenses and fixing up ramshackle houses and building settler shops and the fences, oh the fences to keep out attacks from the horrors of the post apocalyptic wasteland. I have posted up a ton of settlement tours and build videos and playthrough videos on my YouTube channel. 

A cool build video

One of my settlement tours

A playthrough/review of a mod

Check out my full Fallout Playlist here

Another element to the games longevity is the addition of mods for console play. Mods, which are additional fan made content, have long been exclusive to PC owners only but now they are available for the Xbox One & PS4!! New mods, which are free to download are being added to the Nexus and every day!

Also there is Creation Club which is a new paid content addition which has just been launched. It is quite controversial at the moment with many people calling them paid-mods and saying that the free mods are better than them. I personally think that Bethesda should have kept a team permanently assigned to bringing out new DLC every few months, I'd certainly have signed up for that and I am sure plenty of others would too!


Now Bethesda have brought out the Game of the Year edition which is the perfect time for new players to get on board. This new versions of the game contains all the DLCs, it has all the gameplay updates and graphical enhancements on board too so you get the ultimate version of the game. So which format should you buy it on? Well that depends on what console/pc system you have really.
I use the PS4 mainly and it does have some limitations when it comes to mods as Sony wouldn't let certain mod aspects be used on their consoles so the choice of mods is less than with the other 2 devices.

XBox One doesn't have the same mod limitations as the PS4 but it doesn't have the same share functionality as the PS4 does either. The share function on PS4 is simplicity itself, whereas with the XBox One you need a digital capture device and then have to upload to YouTube. I am not an expert on it at all so I may be doing it all wrong or missing something but I just find the PS4's share button a great idea. This is not a problem though if you are not into sharing your gameplay or building online at all. Also with Xbox I experienced a lot of save problems too which meant I lost a save where I had 40 days of solid play and building work gone for good :'(
I've managed to resolve that issue now but the loss is still felt!

I'd like to have the chance to play Fallout 4 on the PC, I am sure you have all the greatest mods available on there plus the use of console commands. The graphics must be the best too but the cost of a great set up for PC gameplay makes me avoid it myself

1 complaint I am aware of on all these game of the year discs is that the DLCs are accessed through a download code which has angered many as it limits their usage of the game. They can't pass it on as a full game as the DLC are not in built to it, which does make it less of a bargain to many.

If you don't own the game already this is the ideal way to get to play it though as you have the full package here, with all the great extra DLC content providing plenty of extra building stuff, you can craft robots, fight arenas and your own vaults! Also the added gameplay from Far Harbor & Nuka World adds hours of great extra content to the base game.

I am a total geek for Fallout, I have the t-shirt, the hat and even the lunchbox but there is so much more awesome stuff to collect, I'll probably be working my way through this assortment of goodies for my upcoming birthdays and Christmas

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